Wills & Probate

probatePart of our practice is devoted to wills and probate cases in the State of Texas.

We  prepare

  • Wills
  • Probate of wills
  • Living wills and Medical wills
  • Heirship Determinations if your loved one passes without a will.

Don’t leave your loved ones without legal recourse, or without a plan for a future without you.

We will help you plan for the most important transition you and your loved ones will ever confront.

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Probate of Wills

When a relative dies and leaves a will naming an executor, the executor must file a petition to probate the will. In other words, to have the will approved by the probate court so that the executor may distribute the property of the deceased according to the terms of the will. In Texas the executor has 4 years from the date of death to probate the will. If you need to probate a will, we can help you. Call our office to find out about rates and to schedule an appointment to meet with the attorney.


In our office we prepare wills in which a person disposes of his or her property before death. We also prepare living wills, and medical wills.

Heirship Determinations

If you loved one passes without having made a will, you can look into Heirships or Small Estate Affidavits, click HERE for more information…

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