Heirships and Small Estate Affidavits

Declaration of Heirship and Heirship Determinations

When someone dies without a will the courts will make a judicial declaration of heirship.  The Probate Court of Texas will determine who the rightful heirs should be, and  what portion of the estate should pass to each heir.  A person interested in the estate may file an application for determination of heirship in the Probate Court.

Small Estate Affidavits

Small Estate affidavits are sometimes filed when an person dies without a will. Texas allows an affidavit to be executed by the spouse and/or heirs of the deceased and present the affidavit to the holder of property such as a bank to obtain property of the deceased.  The main requirement before you may use an affidavit is that the value of the personal and/or real property of the estate may not exceed $50,000.

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