The Bible will tell you that creditors must forgive their debtors’ debts every 7 years.  This being a nation founded on Old Testament values, it’s reasonable to assume that our version of Bankruptcy is a direct or indirect product of that Biblical command.


You might be ready to file bankruptcy if:

  • You’ve stopped making your mortgage payments, because the credit card collectors have been harassing you so much that you would rather make minimum payments to the credit cards than pay your mortgage.
  • Worrying about the mortgage and other debts is causing you to lose sleep and get into arguments with your spouse.
  • Your health may be deteriorating due to the stress.
  • You’re borrowing from one credit card to pay another, but the balances don’t seem to go down.
  • You have not been able to make your car payment and the repo man is circling like a vulture.
  • The dreaded debt collectors are calling your boss or your relatives or your neighbors and telling them you’re not paying your debts.  They’re also calling you and telling you they’re going to take your house away from you, or sue you.
  • You owe the IRS some 10 or 20 thousand dollars.  You don’t have that kind of money lying around and are sweating it out thinking you might even go to jail or lose your house if you don’t pay.
  • You have not been able to pay your property taxes and the Tax Assessor/Collector is on your case telling you to pay, or else. . . .



If any of the above is true, our office can help you get out from under.*

*Our bankruptcy practice is now limited to the State of Texas.