All tied up in debt? We can help!

All tied up in debt? We can help!

Welcome to the Law Office of Salvador C. Ramirez @ our website: “All debts considered!”

We are a locally owned law firm operating in El Paso, Texas for more than 25 years; and we are licensed in both Texas and New Mexico.

We have been designated by an act of congress as a debt relief agency that gives assistance to persons who are thinking of filing consumer Bankruptcy petitions under Chapters 7 AND 13.  We also handle credit card lawsuits, wills, probate cases, powers of attorney, guardianships, and adoptions as well as foreclosures and uncontested divorces – AND we have a notary public on the premises!

Call our office or e-mail us if you wish to discuss matters related to any of the above and make an appointment for your FREE consultation!

You will be treated with courtesy, empathy, discretion and seriousness of purpose. Please feel free to browse through out site, check out our helpful links, and contact us with any questions, thoughts, or feedback you may have.  We value your input, we are here to help, and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

If you find yourself all tied up in debt, we’re here to help!







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